Colliding Continents – before, now and the future

what will the planet look like in a million years time, will all countries be connected through the movement of continents? What did earth look like before?

What forces drive these moving continents, how they shape and will continue to reshape our continent in a continuous cycle.

Parallel Universes – Is there another world beyond ours?

They are strong theories to suggest that they may be other worlds out there, but not as we know it – could they be an exact copy of us, our earth, our solar system? But where are these universe’s? Is it different dimensions, or is our comprehension simply to basic to understand these Parallel universes?

Is there life beyond earth? The search for human life

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Are we the only ones? Can we push the boundaries into outer space to find more life within the universe? Through the use of our advanced telescopes, a detailed look into comments, asteroids, all the planets in our universe. Find out the violent burning land of Mercury, the beautiful land of Earth, what happened to Mars, Saturn’s Ring, Jupiter’s Moon and a whole lot more. This documentary will take you on a deep space tour in finding life beyond earth.

Do we need the moon? The Universe

Find out why we need our moon, it keeps on earth in balance, helps maintain the weather, sculpts the planet landscape, control our tides, weather systems located 1/4 million miles away. Find out what would happen if the moon wasn’t where it is now?

What would it be like if it was further away? Closer or not even there at all, would we have existed to find out?